Mass-dimensional groups elaboration  of ground remotely operated vehicles  for hazardous environments

Mechanical engineering

Different types of ground mobile robot’s classification methods are studied and two known mass and dimension classification variants are displayed. New classes of mobile robots are introduced: so-called mini-robots, divided into Small unmanned ground vehicles (SUGV) and Ultra light reconnaissance mini-robots (ULRR), and micro robots, i.e. throwable robots. Typical particularities of those types of robots are studied. SUGV-sized robots appeared in about 2000 and their quantity keeps growing. The principal SUGV destination is reconnaissance. The small size and weight allow to consider mini- and micro robots as portable (man-transportable) robotic systems. Ultra light mini-robots and micro robots are characterized by ability of throwing up, for example, over any barrier, i.e. up to a window of a building, over high fence, etc. In compliance with the above-stated arguments, an incorporated variant of the mass-dimensional classification, augmented and elaborated, is proposed.