Mechanical engineering

Variants of the analysis of the data received during drilling of deep wells of oil and gas extraction with use of a power top drive are considered. Processing of the collected data of the work process by the methods of mathematical statistics and software package (Matlab Simulink) is performed. An example of a general and multifactor analysis of data coming from sensors, reflecting the correctness of the drilling rig operation, is given. The dependence of the loading of the upper drive on the drilling characteristics of the drilling process is analyzed: the depth of the slaughtering of the weight on the hook, the load on the bit, the rate of descent of the upper drive, the pressure of the drilling mud. The result of the work was recommendations on the application of data obtained in the analysis to increase the demand for top drive. The result of the multifactor analysis is the tables of factor loads of the parameters and characteristics of the drilling process with the identified probable acting factors. In terms of the composition of the parameters that have the greatest factor loads, we can further evaluate the physical cause of the factors selected. Drilling; Power Upper Drive; Dynamic Load Analysis; Impulse; Mathematical Model; Factor Analysis.