Simulation of the stress-strain state in non-woven fabric winding onto a cylindrical mandrel

Metallurgy and Materials

Fibrous polyacrylonitrile (PAN) is the most widespread carbon fiber precursor. Kompozit JSC has developed a technique to fabricate a porous carbon preform that is a composite material base wherein a reinforcing carbon preform will be made out of needle-punched non-woven oxidized PAN, with subsequent pressing and a series of heat treatments. A cylindrical reinforcing preform can be shaped by pre-winding and compacting non-woven PAN-fabric using two processes. The present paper gives an analytical model for winding the fabric onto the mandrel using both of the above processes, as well as presents experimental and theoretical data for the estimation of the stress-strain state made for each fabric winding process. The analysis has been given of the results obtained.