Konstantin Konstantinovich Romanov: president of the Academy of sciences (on the occasion of his 160TH birth anniversary)

Chronicle of events

His essay is dedicated to the life and diverse activities of grand duke Konstantin Konstantinovich (1858–1915), a member of the House of Romanov, grandson of Emperor of Russia Nicholas I. From 1889 to 1915, Konstantin Romanov served as President of the Imperial (St. Petersburg) Academy of sciences. Не was one of the most successful presidents of the Academy. Over the 25 years of his presidency, he did much to strengthen the physical and financial foundation of the Academy, expand museums, and organize expeditions. A new building for the Library of the Academy of Sciences was constructed and the Pushkin House was set up during his presidency. While being President of the Academy of Sciences, Konstantin Konstantinovich continued to serve in the army and was chairman, trustee or honorary member of dozens of societies and educational institutions. He was a well-educated person and also possessed poetic talent.