Development program of Russian gas turbine power technologies

Energetics. Electrical engineering

Gas plays a crucial role in the current and future fuel energy balance of Russia and many countries, including the United States and Europe. Energy efficiency is enhanced by using highly advanced technologies for gas turbine energy. Ensuring the competitiveness of the Russian energy sector involves using gas turbines and combined-cycle plants. The promising market for these technologies is of great interest to the Russian industry, particularly, for increasing its export potential. Russia has experience in development and integration of gas energy turbines, a large scientific and industrial potential for devising new, globally competitive gas energy technologies. It was proposed to implement a comprehensive science and technology investment program (national project) in this area. It is noted that developing domestic gas-turbine power technologies is one of the most important priorities in ensuring energy security and scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation. It was proposed to coordinate the implementation of the project that is multidisciplinary from a scientific and applied standpoint and cooperation of academic, sectoral and university science with industry under the scientific and methodological guidance of the Russian Academy of Sciences (OEMMP RAS).