Scientific and methodological aspects in mechatronics

Mechanical engineering

The issues of training specialists in the field of mechatronics and robotics are considered. The problems arising from teaching this set of disciplines to engineering students are analyzed. We have formulated requirements for presenting materials based on a systematic approach to design of technological equipment in mechanical engineering. It is emphasized that creating a project for a highly efficient complex technical product is based on system analysis, mathematical modeling and optimization. The technical system as one of the varieties of the artificial system is characterized by transformation of mass, energy and information. Mechatronics is considered as a scientific and technical direction based on the main disciplines of science and technology. It is argued that the next stage in development of mechatronics is biomechatronics, where nanotechnologies in the field of biology and artificial intelligence will play a leading role. Structural and morphological features and functional properties of mechatronic systems have been considered. The role of technical and economic indicators in design of mechatronic production systems and the sequence of design stages have been highlighted.