Study on toxicity of biodiesel engine running on alcohol

Energetics. Electrical engineering

The paper substantiates the need for using biofuels based on alcohol in diesel engines. Such renewable environmental energy sources as methyl and ethyl alcohols were investigated. In order to develop, determine and optimize the composition of alcohol-fuel emulsions for use in diesel, studies were carried out for engines running on diesel fuel, methanol and ethanol fuel emulsions. We have found a promising solution to improve the environmental performance of diesel through using alcohol fuel emulsions, allowing to reduce the content of exhaust gases for engines running on methanol fuel emulsion: nitrogen oxides by 41.3 %, soot by 6.9 times, carbon dioxide by 6.7 %, carbon monoxide by 45.0 %; for engines running on ethanol fuel emulsion: nitrogen oxides by 50.2 %, soot by 5.2 times, carbon dioxide by 23.8 %, carbon monoxide by 25.0 %.