Energetics. Electrical engineering

Various approaches and techniques are used to design centrifugal compressors. These are engineering one-dimensional and quasi-three-dimensional programs, as well as CFD programs. The final judgment about the effectiveness of the project is given by testing the compressor or its model. SPbPU Research Laboratory “Gas Dynamics of Turbomachines” and NPO “Turbotekhnika” jointly designed a centrifugal compressor for an internal combustion engine turbocharger. To check the dimensionless characteristics, the compressor was tested with two geometrically similar impellers with a diameter of 175 (TKR 175E) and 140 mm (TKR 140E). The mathematical model of the Universal Modeling Method calculates the efficiency in the design mode for all tests of both compressors with an error of 0.89%, and the efficiency for whole characteristic with an error of 1.55%. The characteristics of the TKR 140E compressor were calculated using the commercial CFD program ANSYS. For TKR-140E, we obtained a significant discrepancy in the value of the efficiency, but also a good agreement in the area of operation, which was not obtained in the previous calculations. According to the calculation, the work coefficient is overestimated by 9%, which corresponds to the results of the previous calculations by the authors.