Strengthening of epoxy resins with carbon nanomaterials

Metallurgy and Materials

The paper studies the current state of the art in the field of creating composites based on epoxy matrices with carbon nanomaterials. These composites are considered major competitors to many traditional structural materials. The article studies carbon nanomaterials such as graphene, graphene oxide,carbon nanotubes, which can improve the physical and mechanical or operational characteristics of composite materials. Methods of their introduction into a polymer matrix are considered and way oriented to industrial production are selected, and comparative results of improving the strength characteristics of the obtained nanocomposites are presented. The improvement of the physical and mechanical properties of a polymer composite material with a filler in the form of modified carbon nanotubes has been investigated. The best sample containing 0.1 mass. % of fluorinated CNTs in the composite showed an increase in tensile strength by 48%.