Metallurgy and Materials

The paper proposes a principle and presents a Land Coolers aerothermal system (cooler) for the correction of abnormal warming (of the climate) of the European regions. The cooler generates high-altitude technogenic clouds over problem areas using atmospheric moisture in the waters of the near seas, excessive thermal energy consumption of thermal and nuclear power plants, and the prevailing flow of high-altitude tropospheric winds. The cirrus-type umbrella cloud generated by the aerothermal cooler into the troposphere weakens the solar load and overheating of the problem areas of Europe. For high-altitude clouds over 6 km, the system employs a vertical steam-air jet from a coastal energy facility modified by an injector. It forms optically dense clouds of the upper and middle tier of the troposphere with an area of up to 100 thousand square kilometers, protecting the surface air from overheating and ensuring the territories of Europe are covered by Atlantic rains.