Identification of the composition of multi-element non-linear load by measuring the current and voltage at its input

Energetics. Electrical engineering

The paper presents an approach for identifying the composition of a multicomponent non-linear load with the aim of identifying its typical nonlinear elements. The proposed approach allows us to separate the linear component of the load from the nonlinear and determine the num-ber of the non-linear elements of each type in the load given their types are known beforehand. The information obtained can be used in resolving disputes about damage caused to the equipment of the electricity supplier or the consumer in case of inappropriate power quality. The approach can be used to control the load of the consumer without interfering with their electrical facilities. Identification is based on measurements at the input of the load. The initial data are the harmonic composition of the input load current and information about the typical elements. The solution includes decomposing the harmonic composition of the input current based on the input current vectors of different types of nonlinear loads. We also estimated the method error for inaccurate measurement of the input current, as well as for the use of nonlinear elements with close current-voltage characteristics. We intend to find the possibilities of increasing the accuracy of the method.