Metallurgy and Materials

An environmentally friendly turbo-condensate technology and the W-Condenser plant for large-scale production of natural fresh water of rain quality from the atmospheric air of the Red Sea of the Arabian Peninsula for the coastal cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are proposed. The principles of operation and characteristics of a condensate unit with a capacity of more than 4000 tons of fresh water per day, conditions for location on the sea coast, taking into account the climate and natural topography of the northwestern territory, are formulated to solve the urgent problem of supplying freshwater resources and ensuring sustainable development and landscaping of arid ecosystems of the city of the future under the Neom project. The W-Condenser plant uses practically unlimited and environmentally friendly natural atmospheric moisture of the Red Sea water area and a turbocompressor air cooling system during its adiabatic expansion with the formation of freshwater condensate, where the source of technological cold is electricity from various sources of Saudi Arabia.