Viscoplastic properties of chromium-nickel  steel with the ever growing and a constant load. Part 1

Metallurgy and materials technology. Mechanical engineering

Results of experimental studying of short-term creep of hromonikelevy steel are given at normal (room) temperature. Tests of thin-walled tubular samples were carried out in the conditions of a constant and in steps increasing loadings. When processing results it was used the main hypothesis of an uprogovyazkoplastichesky body according to which complete not elastic deformation is represented the sum elastic, plastic and vyazkoplastichesky a component.

It is established that charts «vyazkoplastichesky deformation– intensity of nonequilibrium tension» depend on a type of a tension. Vyazkoplastichesky deformation at high level of complete not elastic deformation is comparable to instant plastic deformation therefore it should be taken into consideration at some types of processing of metals by pressure.