Renewable energy sources — the path to the Sustainable Development and Energy Efficiency


Modern non-renewable sources energy doesn’t meet the expectations of society of sustainable, environmentally friendly and power independent development. The reasons of the power industry crisis that makes us look for new energy sources and power technologies are simple: fossil fuels exhaustion, environmental problems created by energy complex activity, increasing fuel prices and non-renewable energy costs. For Russia, the most eff ective way for developing renewable energy sources technologies is to develop them within non-distributed power supply systems, because it will allow to improve energy security for the different regions of Russian Federation, provide opportunities for their sustainable development, bring energy suppliers and consumers nearer to each other, diminish energy loss during its transmission and distribution and reduce power costs for the ultimate consumer, provide environmental safety due to lower growth rate of anthropogenic pressure on the environment. The analysis based on world practices proves that renewable energy technologies are the most innovative and efficient, therefore their more active development will undoubtedly give a stimulus to the whole power industry and national economy growth.