Energy efficiency improvement  of well development


The paper describes the results of the experiment stand which imitates the crack in the oil stratum. The experiment stand allows modeling cracks of various length and cross-section by changing tubes having length of 0,33, 0,5, 0,66 and 1 m, with the diameter of 2,4 and 6 mm.The authors analyzed charts of pressure in the crack measured at different distances from the borehole cavity at 5, 10 and 20 atm. The paper provided mathematical description which shows the correlation between pressure changes in the oil stratum crack when forming the impulse pressure at the cellar. The calculations show the improved energy efficiency transmission by using an impulse wave method from the cellar to the system of cracks in the near-well zone. It was validated that the technology of developing the system of cracks in the near-well zone of the stratum due to hydropercussion do not require the usage of submersible equipment; the minimum amount of equipment for well repair is used. The energy efficiency of impulse wave impact on the well face is proved.