Electrical engineering

The paper presents new detailed 2nT-type equivalent circuits of a transformer containing N concentric windings, with all magnetic fluxes between the windings, in the windings, in the elements of the magnetic circuit, and between the circuit and the tank (for the case of magnetic circuit saturation) displayed in the circuits. It isis the study is based on the concept of stitching of the 4T-shaped circuit models for two-winding transformers (considered as a unit cell of a more complex 2nT -shaped structure). We managed to confirm that one or more windings of magnetic super - and anti-streams actually do occur in various parts of the magnetic circuits during short-circuiting compared with open-circuit fluxes. It is shown that it is possible to observe such anomalous fluxes in the equivalent circuit due to the presence of negative inductances. It is proved that equivalent circuits without negative elements are characterized by a three-diagonal matrix of inductances.