Numerical and experimental study  of multiactuator electro-hydraulic servo drive

Mechanical engineering

The results of numerical and experimental research of a two-cylinder electrohydraulic servo drive under the influence of positional load are presented in this work. This hydraulic drive is made by one of the standard schemes, according to which one of the cylinders is master and the other is slave. Both hydraulic cylinders operate with a common load. The influence of different link stiffnesses at varied loads on the synchronicity of executive hydraulic cylinders operation, which is determined by the difference of hydraulic cylinder displacement, is investigated. To understand the results of the experiment, a mathematical model of the drive, which consists of 9 ordinary differential equations, was developed. This model is implemented using the MathCAD integrated environment and the AMESim integrated platform for simulation. Numerical experiments were carried out. The results of numerical experiments coincide with the test-bench results. The dependencies of the piston displacement synchronization error on the positional load at different values of link stiffness have been obtained graphically.