Strategic planning and its application in solving complex engineering and technical problems


We have considered the strategic approach to solving large-scale multidisciplinary problems, the features and
methodology of the key procedures of project-oriented planning. The sequence of such planning stages and the
specifics of each stage are illustrated by the example of developing a strategic plan to solve one of the most difficult
problems in the field of radiation safety, which is the Strategic Master Plan (SMP) for Recycling and
Environmental Rehabilitation of decommissioned nuclear fleet and service infrastructure in the North-West
region of Russia. We have provided data on the status of this problem for the time when the functions of the state
customer and coordinator of work were transferred to the Ministry for Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation.
We have presented the main results of the current development and implementation of the SMP, outlining
directions for further possible application of the strategic planning methodology in the field of radiation safety.