Analysis and improvement of the cooling system of a gas turbine nozzle vane

Energetics. Electrical engineering

The paper presents the results of three-dimensional calculation of the thermal state of the first-stage nozzle
of a high-temperature gas turbine based on Thermal & Hydraulic Analysis and ANSYS Fluent packages.
The discrepancy between the calculated and experimental data on the thermal state of the nozzle blade does
not exceed 5%. Recommendations are given to improve the convective film cooling system of a hightemperature
turbine by choosing a rational geometry of the pin array located in the vicinity of the trailing
edge of the nozzle vane. The recommendations are obtained through applying the technique for
determining the parameters of the matrix of pins for a given increase in resistance (or intensification of heat
transfer), which ensure maximum intensification of heat transfer. As a result of modernization of the matrix
geometry, the temperature gradient on the pressure side of the blade is reduced by 50 C, which in turn
reduces the thermal stresses on its surface.