Development of technical solutions for the transfer of Vyborgskaya CHPP-17

Energetics. Electrical engineering

The costs for the using water from natural sources grow from year to year, which makes it expedient to
transfer a straight-through system of technical water supply to a circulating system, using cooling towers, to
reuse water. In addition, the construction of a circulating water system gives significant growth of usable
power by eliminating the power limits connected to water protection regulations. We have analyzed the
operation of the existing technical water supply system based on the data provided by Vyborg CHPP-17 for
2016–2017. Several reconstruction options with application of different numbers of mechanical draft
cooling towers have been developed. Three types of cooling tower fill have been considered from the
standpoint of their optimal economic usage. The influence of temperature increase on the operation mode
of equipment and fuel efficiency has been studied. The most effective option of reconstruction of the
technical water supply system was determined.