Application of pneumatic spring-return cylinders in mechatronic drives with energy recovery

Mechanical engineering

We have considered the questions of using pneumatic motors in spring drives for compensating for dissipative losses, fixing the drive in extreme positions of spring batteries. A class of problems has been identified in which spring drives with energy recovery are created using only pneumatic cylinders with return springs. Examples of using such drives in filling and packaging equipment have been considered. We have proposed to make pneumatic actuators with return springs in mechatronic drives constructed on the basis of linear spring accumulators with two springs. We have considered algorithms for compensation of dissipative losses in mechatronic drives. The maximum values of the mass which can be mixed by such mechatronic drives for each size of pneumatic cylinder have been determined. We have described a scheme for a dispenser of bulk products which is easy to disassemble and assemble for sanitary and hygienic processing. It is proposed to use pneumatic cylinders with return springs in mechatronic drives with energy recovery based on nonlinear spring batteries. Dependences for determining dissipative losses have been given.